Archive | October 2013

A Past Life in the News

It’s always fun to peruse the newspaper and see that you are indirectly represented in the story. While wading through endless celebrity piddle on the website of the New York Daily News, I stumbled on a movie review for an upcoming movie about CBGBs, the most famous ‘clothing boutique’ on the Bowery. While this iconic club has been repurposed to cater to the new-money hayseed transplants and suburban trust-funders that have taken over the Bowery in droves (don’t get me started), it once was the best small place your band could play in New York City. It had the best sound system and you’d always feel a sense of accomplishment after playing there, especially if you were punched in the face during or after your set. Below, club owner Hilly Kristal poses for a picture in the club while a weathered sticker representing my band subversively hangs to his left (after we’d been banned, no less) in 2005.


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