King George V and Tsar Nicholas II: Inbreeding at its Finest!

It is well known amongst even the most casual of history buffs that the Royal families (or what remains of them) of Europe are all inter-related, and have been for millennia. Princes and Duchesses and Kings and Baronesses have been shuffled around the continent to be married off for military alliances, to place friendly bums upon foreign throwns, or to gain territory and prestige without warfare (sometimes).

This is why commoners have been introduced into the royal lines over time. The Marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton was on the direct order of Queen Elizabeth II, that they royal line might be refreshed and that future monarchs may not be cross-eyed, slow-witted, or missing limbs from birth.


Georgie and Nicky here were the perfect example of this disturbingly thin DNA soup. The Germans have sat on the British Throne for the last few hundred years, while the Russo-French-Danish-German Tsar Nicholas II’s reign came to an end with a bullet (as did his immediate family)  following the Russian Revolution in 1918.

*this post is meant to be satire and should not be taken for historical fact, sort of.


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